.Crypto Domains

A new breed of domains are here and ready to shake up the domain industry with the wider introduction of digital payments.

For anyone who has attempted to send a crypto payment to another person they may have struggled with the fact each crypto wallet has a long list of number and letters as the address. Rather than it being as simple as sending an email, the user has to make sure they copy down this long line of numbers and letters perfectly or risk their payment going to the wrong wallet.

Unstoppable Domains launched the .crypto tld to combat this issue, a .crypto domain name allows you to register a domain name such as janedoe.crypto. Now other Crypto holders can use one of the many enabled wallets to send crypto to each other such as ETH and BTC by simply entering the name – janedoe.crypto rather than the old mess of numbers and letters.

.Crypto domains are selling fast and the key point to note right now is that there are currently zero renewal fees like traditional domains, that means you purchase once and once only.

See if your favourite name is still available and grab it while you can – https://unstoppabledomains.com/r/50a09d8b35b64c8  << Note this is a referral link so by using this link you will be supporting us 🙂